I cannot recommend Alan highly enough; not only is he incredibly warm and welcoming he’s so talented. Due to having a physically demanding job and doing lots of weight lifting of late I developed a really painful neck and even had a few weeks off work with a badly strained trapezius. I was unable to sleep through the night and was in constant discomfort despite trying several new pillows. After one session with Alan I am absolutely fine, the pain went gradually within the following 3 days and my range of movement is significantly improved. I’ll certainly be making this a regular treatment thanks to the difference in condition I’ve experienced, it’s unbelievable.
Olivia Walker 9th April 2020


Highly recommended. Excellent service and professional.😊
Molner Alexandra-Victoria 10th January 2020


Amazing results · Last-minute appointments · Luxurious experience · Professional Massage Therapist
Cristi Codreanu 10th January 2020


Alan is a professional guy, he knows what he’s doing and as a bonus, he’s very funny too! Time flies away when you’re in there and you want to book another session on the fly! He helped me with my back pain due to work environment. It helped me from the first 2 sessions and since then, I go every 2 weeks!
Highly recommended!
Cristi Codreanu 10th January 2020


Alan is awesome – totally saved our day. I got a message from my cousin at 5pm the day before her hen party to say that the hotel had just contacted her to say that the therapist she had booked months before would no longer be available and all the treatments would need to be cancelled. In a bid to see if I could find any kind of replacement I called every mobile massage therapist in the Leeds area I could find online. Unfortunately, being out of hours and very last minute I struggled to find anyone until someone said “Have you spoken to Alan?” Well not only did Alan save the save the day, his massage was great AND he showed up with hen-party goody bags for all. Alan, you were a star – I’d highly recommend you to anyone looking for a massage in the area.
Cathey Hawes 23rd August 2019


Some things you shouldn’t compromise on. Alan is very good at what he does. I was really pleased to find a well qualified and experienced massage therapist that was local to me. Already looking forward to my next session.
Simon Dowd 5th June 2019


Alan truly knows how to work on someone’s body, he’s naturally very talented. He’s one of the best massage therapist I have come across. I’d highly recommend him to anyone.
Alex James Annand 9th January 2019


I have just had my first, and most definitely not my last treatment with Alan. What an amazing experience.I have had many treatments in the past. But this was by far the best. Alan really puts you at ease. He is definitely worth a visit. Don’t waste your time and money going anywhere else. Be back again soon. Very happy and relaxed client.🤗🤗
Carol Snookes 14th December 2018


Alan is great guy and works the areas you require with so much extra too. He has done me a lot of favours at short notice as I do bodybuilding so sometimes require un knotting quickly so to speak. I would highly recommend visiting him or he even comes out to you.
Tim Barraclough 28th August 2018


I had an Indian head massage and being a massage therapist myself found it so beneficial. I was so tense and knitted but Alan made me relaxed in no time and got rid of tension that had been there for weeks.
Thank you. Highly recommended.
Sara Milligan 11th June 2018


I am heavily pregnant and really needed help to reduce the pains in my back and hips and thanks to the wonderful service I received I feel so much more relaxed and pain free. I would definitely recommend and I will definitely be rebooking myself. Thank you
Danielle Lane 4th June 2018


First time massage and “wow” it was so relaxing. Alan was very knowledgeable and provided a professional service in a relaxing atmosphere, would definitely recommend Alan. Both myself and my wife will be returning.
Richard Smart 30th January 2018


Excellent bespoke service, Exactly what I needed
Sparky Darkness 18th November 2017


I went to dream works with back pain Alan did a fantastic job that good I’ve re booked to go again thanks for the help Alan top gentleman.
Kiel Thompson 13th July 2017


Alan made me feel relaxed and at ease with his friendly and warm approach. His therapy room is light and airy and has a beautiful view.
I felt very comfortable discussing my health conditions with him prior to my treatments and he listened very well.
Alan tailored the treatments to suit my needs and I really would recommend his services.
Stephanie Williams 12th July 2017


As a boxer I contacted Alan because I had built up tension and muscle stiffness in my back, shoulders and neck. I opted for the deep tissue sports massage and I felt much better instantly. I had many knots in my back and shoulders which Alan sorted out. I booked another session straight after. I highly recommend.
Lee Neal 8th March 2017


I have been a few times now and everytime is fantastic. From my regular back massage to my most recent Indian head massage which is the best yet. I was unbelievably relaxed like Caribbean beach relaxed afterwards it even lifted a severe headache I had.
Liam Rayner 19th January 2017


I have monthly massages by Alan for my back pain – physio just didn’t help but massages really help break up the tension knots! I would highly recommend Alan – very professional and extremely knowledgeable! Excellent service.
Emma Fitton 21st November 2015


This letter is in recognition of the high quality massage services you have provided me with over the past two years.

As a keen athlete, partaking in multiple athletics competitions each year, I was looking for two things when I first turned to you; injury prevention and that additional edge. What I have however found is that you are now an integral part of my athletics team and I value you at the same level as I value my coach.

You have impressed me massively with his adaptability to every situation I have thrown at him and his understanding of how the body works ensured I have remained in a much better physical condition during the past two years. Despite having periods where I could not compete due to outside factors such as a recurrent ankle issue from a football injury over five years ago and an allergic reaction to a bite, I have had my best season in athletics in terms of victories, enjoyment and times. It was however during the period of injury where Alan showed his true worth. Having dealt with me personally for over two years he knew exactly what didn’t feel right in my legs, how to manipulate the pain and the next steps to take. With one point of contact this meant my recovery time was far less than I expected.

I trust Alan completely with my body and any recommendations he states regarding treatment and pressure to remove knots, tightness or pain I fully accept and know he is speaking from professional experience.

I would have no reservations recommending Alan to all my friends and family members, having done so often in the past and I know that with Alan in my team I will continue to push the boundaries in my own level of sport. I thank him for all the quality and look forward to working with him in the future.
Anthony Bowyer 5th June 2015


Excellent service – Alan is extremely professional and expert in his field. Highly recommended
Marie Smyhte 16th April 2015


A comfy table and an excellent massage. Slept like a baby ever since.
Janine Hegarty 23rd March 2014


I contacted Alan as I had a problem with my lower leg and I wanted to see if he could help remove any of the issues. 
I am a competitive athlete and this problem had been causing me problems for around half the season. 
His easy approach to relaxation was great and he quickly identified the problem as a series of knots within my legs, including my calf and my hamstring. 
He was great in the way he explained what he was doing and his knowledge of the area really put me at ease. 
He has become a very valued member of my coaching team and I will be using him for all my massage needs from now on. If you are an athlete or just fancy a relaxing massage, I would recommend Alan for all your needs. His prices are also very good too!
Anthony Bowyer 6th September 2013


Alan gave a totally relaxing massage which took away the pain of some aching muscles I had. The salon is located In his home, which is luxurious and so welcoming. He put me at ease straight away and is so friendly. The massage room is great, smells wonderful and relaxing music plays whilst you have your treatment. It’s the best massage I’ve ever had and will be a regular client.
John Briggs 29th April 2013


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