Transgender Awareness – LQBTQIA+ Friendly

Just to remind you all that DreamWorks Massage Therapy is a LGBTQIA+ & Transgender friendly salon.

LGBTQIA Friendly

LGBTQIA+ Friendly

Everyone deserves to have the luxury of a massage treatment without the fear of prejudice or discrimination.

This salon is committed to promoting Equality & Diversity in everything that we do. We oppose any discrimination (Direct or Indirect), discrimination by association, discrimination linked to a perceived characteristic, harassment and victimisation. We will be proactive in ensuring inclusion and engagement for all. We strive to offer a salon that is diverse and inclusive, that recognises our clients as individuals with their own individual needs, and which does not discriminate against anyone.

This means promoting Equality & Diversity for all clienst irrespective of:
Ethnicity (Including race, colour, and nationality)
Gender Reassignment (Transgender, Transuxual, and Non-Binary)
Relegion or Belief
Sexual Orientation

We encourage a culture where everyone receives respect and can voice their diverse needs, knowing that they will be listended to and respected.
We will work to the highest standards to ensure that the diverse needs of all our clients are recognised and met.

Transgender Awareness






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